A Mobile Fimo Art?

When we slice fimo canes, we don’t always get paper-thin slices. So, what should we do with those fimo slices with thickness not suitable for nail design?

I decided to use them to decorate the casing cover of my android phone and this is the result:


 Materials used:

  • Orange, flower and leaf fimo slices
  • Red, gold and purple rhinestones
  • Half-pearls
  • 1 Star-shaped acrylic nail decor
  • 1 tear-drop rhinestone + 2 heart-shaped arcylic nail decors (for the butterfly)
  • White glue (to stick the fimo slices onto the surface)
  • Nail top coat (to stick the other decor onto the surface and give the fimo slices a glossy end-look)
  • Nail polish remover (to remove the excessive top coat, if needed)

Alas, I’ve only 1 mobile phone and so this might be my first and last design until I change my casing cover or perhaps, a new mobile phone? LOL…

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN ~ 😀

This entry was first posted on Share with Us @ Clouds N Cups (18th May 2012) and we would like to thank the following lovely souls for reading and pressing the ‘Like’ button:

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