Rainbow Nail Art

My baby sister saw this design at Youtube (http://youtu.be/SuRDDVVK7p0) and asked if I am able to do it. I decided to give it a try and here’s the result:


Instead of the colourful flower fimo used in the video, I’ve used white/blue flowers fimo on her right hand and violet butterfly fimo on her left hand.

If you are sharp enough, you can see that I’ve improvised the colour order for her left hand into a mirror image order (ok..ok, I admit I screwed up the colour order while doing that nail…but hey, it’s still nice, right? hee~).

ANYWAY…I guess the word ‘improvise’ sounded nicer than ‘screwing up’?  **blushing**

Okay, here are the materials used for this design:

  • Nail polish colours – White, yellow, bright orange, red, bright green, sky blue, bright blue & silver glitter
  • Fimo design: Flower & butterfly

Have a great day ahead, always!

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN ~ 😀

This entry was first posted on Clouds N Cups, Be With Us (26th May 2012) and we would like to thank 61 lovely souls for pressing the ‘Like’ button and the following lovely souls for commenting:

  1.  vijaiksharma ~ Really interesting. 
  2. ioanna aggelidaki ~ Good job, very playful! 🙂
  3. Debbie Buckland ~ Love love love! So you “improvised” I do that ALLthe time! ****I just don’t tell…
  4. lizjfox ~ Love this.
  5. mickjscott ~ Thanks for dropping in to see Dorothy the sleeping dragon earlier. She really likes your rainbow nails. Do you you think they would suit her?
  6. gailkav ~ those nails are just amazing!
  7. Md. Alsanda ~ Thank you for stopping by 🙂
  8. babso2you ~ Could not see the photo… ;-( Thank you for stopping by my blog and the like on my post Sweet Harvest!
  9. Fwaire ~ So cute!
  10. angelnjuly ~ Beautiful…^^ It must have been a hard work.
  11. allieksmith ~ So cool!!
  12. Shade ~ Really Nice… I like!
  13. cruiseoflife ~ Impressive….like the color combination. I never succeed in doing such things, will totally mess up my nails.
  14. Dawne ~ So pretty and fun!

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