What Does A Woman Need?

A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle 

A feminist slogan, suggesting that men are superfluous to women’s needs. 

(Origin) This slogan is often attributed to Gloria Steinem. Other claims for origination point to Florynce Kennedy, or to an anonymous author who painted the slogan on a wall at University of Wisconsin in 1969.

In fact, it was Irina Dunn, a distinguished Australian educator, journalist and politician, coined the phrase back in 1970 when she was a student at the University of Sydney.

(The Phrase Finder, http://www.phrases.org.uk)


Man: I need a bicycle

Seller: For your kid?

Man: Nope, for my wife.

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This entry was first posted on Share with Us @ Clouds N Cups (11th August 2012) and we would like to thank 54 lovely souls for pressing the ‘Like’ button and the following lovely souls for commenting: 

  1. Fashion Mayann ~ I’ve always loved that slogan ! To me, a woman needs fashion, chocolate and, OK, I’ll say it, love !!! (come on, we love you guys !).
  2. Julespaige ~ Lovely…I’ve got a bike with too many speeds. Sorry guys…I want a woman’s bike!
  3. Tchistorygal ~ hahahaa I love it.


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