A Cat Vs A Whip

No room to swing a cat.

(Meaning) A small space which is awkward and small. In other words the room was so small that you can’t even swing a cat.

(Origin) According to a popular story, a cat with nine tails (Cat’O Nine Tails) which was used as a whip for flogging prisoners and it got it’s name because of scars that nine lashes left on a sailor’s back looked liked they have been scratched by a cat.

These punishment whippings were usually carried out on deck as because there was not room to swing a cat at the bottom deck.

Information extracted from: http://hiss.in/853/no-room-to-swing-a-cat-meaning-explanation-and-origin/


A cat with nine tails and being used as a whip?

What a story.

Have fun reading!

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN~ 😀

This entry was first posted on Share with Us @ Clouds N Cups (23rd August 2012) and we would like to thank 26 lovely souls for pressing the ‘Like’ button and the following lovely souls for commenting: 

  1. Essentjewels ~ Very cute for the cat lovers or for even the ones that don’t have cats.
  2. Kvwordsmith ~ is that ring for sale?
  3. Nicholiovich ~ Wow. Imagine what Medusa’s serpent locks would be capable of, then.

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