Once again, Thank you for your love, my friend! Cheers!!

A Shade Of Pen


Life is a strange ride…you come across so many different people..some of them remain in your life for ages and still don’t leave an impact and some come way late and even then become the closest you ever had.

Blogging is one platform which is sure to help you learn a lot about life. You would come across good people who would become friends and you would find a few who like to be mean and snobbish just like that. Somehow, I enjoy both people because it is the other category of people who make me cherish the happiness of having found the first one even more.

Yes. All of you reading the post right now can relate with me. I have been lucky to have found quite a few lovely souls and here I will begin a small community wherein I introduce you to my fabulous blogger friends.. Friends…

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