Did You Know:

The custom of giving and receiving finger rings dates back over approximately 6,000 years.

The use of the fourth finger of the left hand (the ‘ring finger’) is associated with an old belief that the left hand’s ring finger is connected by a vein directly to the heart: the vena amoris or vein of love.

Read more @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ring_(jewellery)

Our Vintage Inspired Re-sizable Rings

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Happy Shopping with Us and Cheers!!

(We will be back in March 2015)


35 thoughts on “Ring-A-Ling-A-Ring

  1. The rings are always a nice design and the idea of vintage jewelry is so special. Thanks for sharing the different designs. I like the cat one especially but have no need for jewelry, sorry. I love to look, though! Smiles, Robin

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