Always At Your Service…

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

~ Mahatma Gandhi

Do let us have the opportunity to be at your service!


Latest Update (11/9/2017)

I am currently listing my handmade items at Etsy under the shop ‘SYMPLEPRINTS.

If you are looking for cute and quirky printable stuff , you can also check us out!

 Happy Shopping with Us and Cheers!!


Shades of Pink…

Hot Pink Buddies 1


Hot Pink Buddies 2


Hot Pink Buddies 3


Hot Pink Buddies 4


Hot Pink Buddies 5


Hot Pink Buddies 6


Hot Pink Buddies 7

It has been two months since our last post and we really appreciate all the lovely readership supports given to us by all the beautiful souls out there.

Hope our two Hot Pink Buddies are able to put a smile on your faces.

By the way, our online-shop, Clouds N Cups will be re-opening soon and we will keep you all posted once we are ready.

Have a great day ahead always.

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN~ 😀

Be Quoted…Part 2

19 more days to Christmas and 25 days to the Year 2016…

How time flies and I seem to be resting more than working during this year; time does go faster when you are in resting mode.

I don’t think I am able to re-open my online store by the end of this year since there are still many things in my to-do list not getting a tick in the box.

Nevertheless, as long as I am still feeling hopeful, I am sure things will get done eventually, no matter how long they will take me.

Be Quoted 2012 (3)

Lovable Mom has been giving free flower arrangement lessons at my house for the past 3 months and since I was assigned to take photos during lessons, I was surrounded by beautiful flowers and laughter coming from all those lovely ladies who were enjoying the art of flower arrangement.

Since most of them are working, they would come directly from work and some didn’t even have time for dinner. I can still see their happy and satisfied faces at the end of each lesson no matter how tired or hungry they already were at that moment. Those happy faces are the only factor that keeps Lovable Mom and I going on and on and on…

Thus, when I see this quote shared by lovely Robin, I can totally understand what she meant.

There are a lot of lovely things out there to give us joy and hope for the future, directly or indirectly, and all we have to do is to slow down our pace a little in order to realize and appreciate their presences.

Here’s a BIG THANK YOU to Robin for sharing her wisdom with us in our comment section and making this post possible.

Christmas is coming and just like what I’ve done in the past years, I am sharing my favourite Christmas carol, Jingle Bell Rocks, with all you lovely souls out there.

Although I am not sure if I can do any YOUR FAVOURITE CHRISTMAS SONG post this year, I don’t really mind to know what your favourite Christmas song is.

Hope you all enjoy this song as much as I do.

Have a great day ahead, always!

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN~ 😀




Baby Sis has been asking me to open up an Instagram account for Clouds N Cups.

Handling social media(s) for our shop has always been a big challenge for me and as you can see that there isn’t many activity from our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest (Hmm…Did I even mention that we have an Pinterest account?)

I decided to register and see how we shall go about in the near future. If you lovely souls are interested to follow us at Instagram or Facebook, your companionship(s) will be very much appreciated. Cheers!! 😀


New Listing and New Section

When we first started stepping into our handcrafting journal, we didn’t really know how far we could go. Therefore, we’ve included all our handcrafted items with the other items that we are currently selling.

However, after reading some comments, especially from our ‘Featured Loves’ posts,  it seemed that we’ve unintentionally misled many lovely souls into thinking that we’ve created each and every one of them.

A mistake is to commit a misunderstanding.
~ Bob Dylan


In order to be fair to the original creators of those lovely jewelries that we have been selling and not to claim any credits that we don’t deserve, we’ve set up a new section inside our humble online shop for all our handcrafted items.

Beads N Pieces

At the moment, this section will consist of everything that we’ve crafted and perhaps in the near future, when we’re having more items, we will further categorize them.

We would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU all lovely souls who have been very supportive towards our handcrafting venture during the past year and thus making all this possible in Year 2014.

Without further adieu, we’ve our first listing in Year 2014…if you wish to get the first-hand information on our newly-added items, you can always check out our Twitter or Facebook:

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Happy Shopping with Us and Cheers!!

Our Fimo Nail Art Decor

Handcraft Jewelry Banner

Look! Pinky Is Blushing…

During my younger days (yes, I am still young…hehe), I loved watching a cartoon show “Pinky and the Brain” and it was interesting to watch the little Brain trying to take over the world while staying inside a cage within a lab and yet how the clueless and insane one (yes, Pinky) sabotaging his plans time after time….funny…

So, if anyone out there who is secretly trying to take over the world, choose your partners well. Brain has no choice so he will just have to stick with Pinky. >_<

Okay, okay…before I tend to go off-topics, here’s another set of thin-cut fimo slices in pink and red:


Yep, finally I’ve managed to finish them. There should be 8 designs for the red colour but due to the 12-box template (I am just too LAZY to extend it) I’ve included them with the other two more colours. Due to this laziness act of mine, I am now facing a problem…

What problem? You may probably ask (I hope)…Well, I cannot come out with a good title for this 3-colour combination (URGHHHHH!!!!).

Fortunately, while I was cracking my brain very hard for a good title, another idea struck me!!


What do you think? Don’t mind leaving a comment here?

So, do look out for more details of this coming event in our future posts and your kind involvement will be much much appreciated.


Till then,

Cheers & TTFN~ 😀

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Thank You For The Participation…

Woah~ our fruit fimo giveaway event has finally come to an end, with the 4th packet claimed by Denise, who is kind enough to spare her time to guess the colours of our next thin-cut fimo in our previous post (Fruit Fimo Giveaway Updates) and got it correct!

Happy~ Happy~ Happy~

I am so happy because our fimo slices are reaching to those who are new to fimo nail arts and we truly hope they will enjoy the fimo slices sent to them. ^_^

Another nice news that we would like to share with you all is…We have 200 followers !!!  (*sob*sob…tears of happiness)

To celebrate this happy occasion, we are going to organize another giveaway event very soon. So do check your reader/e-mail (if you happened to be following our blog) for this event soon.

I have to admit…the sorting of our pink and red thin-cut fimo is a little slower than expected due to some unforeseen circumstances but I’ve managed to finish sorting and packing them during this morning.

Hopefully I am able to post them up during the next few days. While sorting, I have 3 apple designs which I don’t really know what colours they should belong to.


Any ideas? Why not let us know?

Thank you very much for all the kind participation in our blog because we really do enjoy all the interactions we’ve had with you kind souls out there….MUAHKKKK!!!

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN ~ 😀

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