Feathers over the rainbow…

Oh Gosh..oh gosh…I’ve had a difficult time trying to upload this post because the ‘add media’ button is not working, I wonder what is going on???

Thank God I managed to upload picture using another add post option, but I don’t really like it because this option does not have a preview button….sob*sob*….

I do hope the bug will be fixed soon…

Okay, back to today’s topic…This post title immediately came into my head the moment I finished the design and had an image of two feathers coming from a bird flying over the rainbow…hehehe….

I was doing a rainbow design on my toe nails basing on the one that I did on my baby sister’s. For my right leg, I did a vertical stripes with a few colours (very much similar to the ones on the finger nails) but unfortunately, they were ruined after I’ve applied a layer of silver glitter!!!! (URGHHHHHH!!!!)

With the painstaking experience on my right toes, I decided to be more careful with my left foot. Instead of vertical stripes, I’ve taken the approach to using freestyle horizontal stripes with all the colours I’ve had at hand and here’s the result:


Actually, I did not take down the photo of the design only after a few days later when I wanted to remove them. From the picture, you should have noticed that my right foot is actually inside a sock because I was just recovering from a bad flu on the day I took the photo…Heehee…

After taking a last look, I realized that the colours were still in good condition even without any top coat, so I decided to share them with you all.T

This is, of course not a very successful attempt and though I’ve mentioned before, I still find the need to shout out loud, “IT IS NOT EASY DOING YOUR OWN TOE NAILS!!!”

If I were to take down photos of myself trying all kinds of funny postures just to paint the nails, you may think that I am doing some difficult yoga postures rather than nail painting?

*Sob*….I need to do something about my back….and WP needed to do something about the bug fixing…

Hope you enjoy reading this post.

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN ~ 😀

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Nail Patch/Sticker – When Time Is Simply Not Enough…

When TIME is the ONLY thing that one cannot afford to waste, what will you do when your mind is still blank and your nails won’t say yes to only nail polish? (Angry Nail 1: I need designs!!!)

A good solution might be…to invent a time machine that can freeze time or simply just using…NAIL PATCH.

For those who are new to this item, nail patch is very similar to stickers (don’t we just love stickers? Even when I am already a full-grown adult..ha~and you thought I am going to say out my age?? nah…), the only difference is that they are meant to be on our nails and not on some sticker albums or the bed dashboard (hmmm…those ‘Chun Li’ stickers from streetfighters are still on mine…oh…how time flies… :P)

They come in all sort of designs so the only thing you need to do is to choose.

One of the advertisement gimmick lines for this product is “Get your nails done in just 5 minutes!” , well perhaps true for those really really really (did I already say ‘really’?) professional ones but definitely not for first-timers, unless you are really good at arts and crafts.


In order to prove that this is a user-friendly product, as a newbie myself (crossing my heart), I’ve taken the liberty to try out our Citrus Circles design on my baby sister. Here’s the result.


How is it?

Of course, 5 minutes is quite impossible but hey, I took only around 10 to 15 minutes, which is considered quite time-saving comparing to putting those fimo on. I am sure if I keep on trying, 5 minutes may be possible for me too. If you would like to share your experiences with us, don’t hesitate to leave your reply/comment for this post. My eyes are open to read all about them. Hee~

You can put on a layer of top coat on them after you’re done so that they can be more lasting.

Have a great day ahead!

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN ~ 😀

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Don’t be Blue, Stay Cute…

Blue is one of my favourite colours and thus I decided to try out two blue colours on my nails. Unfortunately, besides painting my nails blue (x3), my mood was painted blue as well.

It was the day I FINALLY realised why those previous few nail designs were getting small lumps after applying the top coat polish.

The reason is simple…



Did you see the ‘x3’?

Yes, it took me 3 tries….why?


Sad…now, I’ve no more usable top coat polish BUT I am just tooooooooo lazy to go and get one.

Must get one soon….must get one soon…..

How ironic life can be sometimes, wanted a cute and simple design and yet, giving me blue moods because of it….anyway, here’s the outcome from this ironic learning experience:


Can you notice the uneven surface?  Trust me, that was the best I could with THE CONTAMINATED TOP COAT..


No top coat polish applied to the other 4 nails since I was convinced that they looked nicer without it.

By the way, did you also notice two tiny round blobs? They used to be two sparkling light blue 2mm rhinestones but after 3 tries, they became two blobs (*sob*sob*)….poor rhinestones…don’t be sad…you still rock, even as a blob!!!

Material used:

  • Colour – Baby Blue, Blue & Silver glitter
  • Nail Art Decor – 1 thick-cut pink ribbon fimo and yes, two 2mm light blue rhinestones (*Sob*)


Till then,

Cheers & TTFN ~ 😀

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Fallen Flower on Water…

My first toe nail art…hehe…frankly speaking, I thought it would be easier but IT IS NOT!!!!


Perhaps it is just me, LOL!

Nevertheless, I’ve only managed to apply my design on the big toe while the rest, I just finished them off with 3 light purple dots on each nail (may not be very visible in the picture) in order to match the purple flower fimo.

Actually I wanted to use a blue flower fimo but then the contrast between the fimo colour and the background colour will be very low.

Initially, I wanted to name it “Water Splash” but decided to change it to ‘Fallen Flower on Water’ since I thought it looks like fallen flower floating on water (been reading too many blogs on flowers…or am I just trying to console myself? :P)

What do you all see? No harm letting me know eh?

So, here’s the result of another of my unskilled nail art:


The upper picture was taken while my feet were still dry. When I was changing water for my red face turtle (of 23 years), water was running down my feet and when I look at the nails again, they looked kinda…hmm…different?

So I decided to take down another picture for comparison purpose. Okay, enough blabbering…here are the colours and materials I used for this design:

  • Silver glitter (background), white, baby blue & blue (water) and light purple (dots)
  • 1 purple fimo flower

Hope you are enjoy this humble design of yours truly.

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN ~ 😀

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A Very Simple Nail Art Design

I’ve mentioned earlier that my aunt came for a visit during two weeks ago and I did a simple nail design (well, simple is the only thing  I can do so far, lol) and I simply love glitter colours at this stage because the glitter colours are good for covering up the flaws on the uneven french tips (LOL).

I know, I needed more practicing…hehee…so, here’s the result:


I did alternate designs with a flower fimo + line dots on 3 fingers and only 2 simple rhinestones on 2 fingers so they won’t fall off easily due to all the washing and cooking in the later part of the day. The reason I chose red rhinestones was because her toe nails were already painted in red hehee…

  • Colours used: White, red, sliver glitter and pink glitter.
  • Fimo used: Orange Flower (6 pcs)
  • Rhinestone used: 2mm round red rhinestone (8 pcs)

Gotta get back to more fimo cutting and sorting.

Will upload more designs when they are ready, so do stay tuned for more…

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN ~ 😀

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Pinky and the Thumb

Pinky and the thumb are the two big challenges for me because one is too SMALL and the other is too BIG. Thus, more effort is needed. In order to conquer this obstacle of mine, I’ve decided to practice more.

For my left thumb, I decided to do a collage of fimo slices because there was once I saw a collage design and wanted to do it one day and tada…today is the day.

Alas, it is not as easy as I thought it may seem especially the part where I needed to wait for the top coat to dry up before putting more fimo slices on.

I was just being too impatient!

For my left pinky, I just did a simple design with a metalic butterfly decor.

Here are the result of today’s practice:


For the collage, I’ve used flowers, fruits, feather, leaf and butterfly fimo plus many layers of top coat (Oh gosh!) as for the pinky, the materials used:

  • Nail polish – Midnight blue, white & silver glitter
  • Nail decor – Golden metallic butterfly

I will try to redo a collage design in the future as I am not too satisfied with this one, in meantime, I will have to practice cutting up really thin slices.

I hope you all will enjoy this post.

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN ~ 😀

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Simple Designs

Done on: 16th May 2012

Done on: 16th May 2012

Simple nail art design for very very very (hmm…did I say very?)  short nail. Oops, that’s yours truly’s thumb (*blushing*). Since there are no extra tips for me to place many fimos on, I was thinking, what the heck, just work on the colours and tada… here it is…Colours used: Bright Red, Mustard Yellow and Pink Glitters….Fimo used: (1 each )5x5mm Strawberry and Orange design…Rhinestones used: (3 each) 2mm Red and Black.

The next one is a simple design for longer nails. I’ve used pink glitter nail polish for the background and midnight blue for the tip (then I put another thin layer of glitter over the midnight blue tips).

Just a simple blue flower fimo (well we can also use other colour to contrast the blue tip, but in this case, I just wanted the flower to blend in) is used on each nail and 3-5 pcs of 2mm white rhinestones are used to create a 3D boundary between the nail tip and the rest of the nail.

As these are my baby sister’s fingers, I am able to do the design on all 10 of her fingers. Hee~

Done on: 16th May 2012

Done on: 16th May 2012

Yesterday, I tried to practice putting on nail polish with my left hand, using the top coat and a glittering nail polish. It was quite tough as predicted and it was as if I could hear the dialogues between my both hands:



RIGHT HAND: It’s sooooo unfair! I’ve made your nails so pretty and you can’t even draw a  a decent straight line on my nails. Boohoooo~  

                    LEFT HAND (not wanting to reveal her photo): …hmm…not really that pretty…


With the glitter pink polish still on my nail tips, I decided to do another simple design on my left thumb by adding another Mocha Mix polish and 1 dragonfly fimo.

Here’s the result:

Done on: 22nd May 2012

Done on: 22nd May 2012

Last but not least, my baby sister wanted me to try on one rainbow design on her nails and I will post it up if it is a successful one.

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN~ 😀

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